Does the Abortion Industry Really Care about Women’s Safety?

Last week, the Guttmacher Institute (formerly affiliated and still very closely aligned with Planned Parenthood) released a video titled “Abortion in the United States”:

This video is like most everything that comes out of Guttmacher: the statistics themselves are as accurate as we can ever hope to receive about abortion, but the conclusions drawn from them are hopelessly wrong.

There’s much that could be said in response to it, but I want to limit my focus to the message that appears at the 2:44 mark:


So the Guttmacher Institute is all about the idea that women deserve to have abortion “safely and with dignity,” eh?

I guess that would explain why Guttmacher was so quick to decry the jaw-droppingly appalling practices of “House of Horrors” abortionist Kermit Gosnell after he was indicted by a Pennsylvania grand jury earlier this year.

And why they so loudly and publicly expressed outrage that abortionist Rapin Osathanondh — who was responsible for the death of 22-year old Laura Hope Smith — was released from prison last year after serving only half of his 6-month prison sentence.

And why they promptly issued a press release lauding the Medical Board of California for finally revoking the medical license of abortionist Andrew Rutland, who was responsible for the death of 30-year old Ying Chen.

And why they wasted no time in condemning the mind-boggling incompetence of abortionists Steven Brigham and Nicola Riley, who, in the course of performing an abortion on an 18-year old woman in Maryland last year, punctured her uterus, did not call an ambulance, drove her in the back of a rental car to a nearby hospital, obfuscated about their identities and left the girl after she was checked in so they could go back and finish the rest of the abortions scheduled that day. (Her injuries were so severe she had to be airlifted to Johns Hopkins Hospital to be treated.)

Oh. Wait. Guttmacher has never publicly said one word decrying the practices of any of these abortionists.

Do a search on their website for any of these abortionists’ names and see what you come up with. (And then, after you’re done, try searching for their names on the “Big Three” pro-abortion organizations’ sites: Planned Parenthood, NOW, and NARAL. You won’t find their names on any of those sites, either.)

When abortionists are doing awful things to women — including killing them — that doesn’t really fit with the whole “Any woman who needs an abortion should be able to have one safely and with dignity” narrative, and so it should come as no surprise that the abortion industry seemingly pretends that the Kermit Gosnells and Steven Brighams of the world don’t exist.

We have to wonder, then: What does the abortion industry care most about? Is it women’s safety and dignity?

Or could it be that what the abortion industry cares most about is protecting the abortion industry?

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