Prayers Needed for German Sidewalk Counseling Court Case

Eric prays at a German abortuary

Eric prays a Rosary outside a Germany abortuary in September of this year

I’ve just learned from one of my pro-life contacts in Germany that a court hearing is coming up this Thursday, December 1, on the status of sidewalk counseling in the city of Freiberg. A law enacted earlier this year created a buffer zone around abortion facilities that has effectively outlawed sidewalk counseling. A similar law was put in place in Munich as well.

When I visited Germany this past September, I had the opportunity to pray at the oldest abortuary in Munich, where the sidewalk counseling ban was in force.

It was an eerie experience. My colleague Bryan Kemper and I had to switch off sides of the street to pray a Rosary together, since only one person can stand nearby the clinic entrance at one time. Had we German enough to speak to any of the clients we could have been fined €500 ($670) for doing so.

For an American used to the free speech protections afforded by the First Amendment, the situation for pro-lifers in Freiberg and Munich is hard to imagine.

Please keep Thursday’s court hearing in your prayers. German babies are dying today because courageous German sidewalk counselors have been muzzled by this unjust law.

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