What Face Would You Put on Abortion?

UPDATE: 9:15pm: I had to scroll to page 141 of their photos to get past all the pro-life responses! Like the commenter below said–someone must have gone home for the night! They’ll have quite a task ahead of them in the morning…

NARAL Pro-Choice America is looking for photos as part of a “photo petition” to Congress to put a face on “choice”. Their website invites people to:

Join our photo petition today.

1. Make a sign. Make a sign from scratch or download and print out our sign.

2. Take a picture of yourself holding the sign. You can use your camera, a webcam, or even a photo from your phone is fine!

3. Email your picture to hall33ready@photos.flickr.com [Update: 5/26, 9:52am: pictures sent to this address are no longer appearing on NARAL’s Flickr site.] – a unique address that will automatically upload your photo to NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Flickr site. (You can use the subject line to give your photo a title and the body to add a description.)

The problem for them, though, is that pro-lifers have decided to participate in the “petition” also.

In fact, here’s what I saw when I went to NARAL’s page advertising the event:

I think it’s safe to say that T-shirt is not how they want their petition to be noticed! (In fact, they’ve had to change the link; now it pulls the oldest photos first instead of the newest, since the newest are from pro-lifers!)

Pro-Lifers Pick Up on the Idea

I spotted this headline on LifeSiteNews this afternoon:

What’s that, NARAL? Put a face on the debate, you say? You got it!

LSN’s Kathleen Gilbert spotted a submission showing the face of a preborn baby with the message “I can’t carry a sign.” She observed that NARAL’s question has a very different answer than the one they were expecting.

I posted a link to our Facebook page and encouraged our friends to respond to NARAL’s request.

Pro-Lifers Show the Face of Life

So pro-lifers began posting photos:

And NARAL began deleting them.

So pro-lifers posted more.

And although the pro-life photos eventually disappear, the pro-choice photos aren’t exactly piling up. (Did you spot the same woman in both of the above screen shots?)

And every time the NARAL staffer wanders away her keyboard for more than a minute or two, the pro-life faces begin to pile up. Just a few minutes ago, the first seven pages of photos were pro-life. They were deleted, but within seconds the whole first page filled back up with pro-life submissions!

Some are quite creative, too. Click here to see what’s posted at the moment!

So, what face can you put on abortion?  Upload your picture here.

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