January 4, 1985

Tom Braden and Pat BuchananToday in League HistoryJanuary 4, 1985—League Director Joe Scheidler appears on CNN’s Crossfire program, hosted by conservative Patrick Buchanan and liberal Tom Braden (pictured right). Braden was, incidentally, the author of Eight is Enough, an autobiography which became the basis for a popular TV drama. Appearing beside Joe is Nanette Falkenberg of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), who denies there is anything living inside the uterus of a pregnant woman or that abortion ends a life. Braden refers to aborting “eggs” and claims the Supreme Court legalized abortion only during the first trimester, but does accept Scheidler’s challenge to view The Silent Scream, which features a real-time ultrasound of an abortion.

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