$50 Coupons for Abortions on Sunday

abortion coupon

Coupon for $50 off a Sunday abortion at Orlando Women’s Center. (Click image for full size [PDF]).

Abortionist James Pendergraft has had his share of problems, what with having his medical license suspended four times and having a $36.7 million malpractice verdict upheld against him — just to name a few.

So it’s not hard to imagine that he’d be pretty hard up for customers. Hence, his latest gimmick to try to drum up business: he’s offering coupons for $50 off the cost an abortion…but the coupons are only good on Sundays.

The singularly evil character of the whole thing is mind-boggling: as if killing babies up to 24 weeks gestation isn’t bad enough in itself, Pendergraft is preying on desperate, financially struggling women on the day Jesus rose from the dead — a day on which, incidentally, most abortion clinics aren’t even open.

The coupon is advertised on the website of Pendergraft’s Orlando Women’s Center. You can see it for yourself here [PDF], or above, right.

Note in particular that the word “escort” is misspelled (which, as an aside, reminded me of another misspelling on a sign outside the American Women’s Medical Center abortion clinic on Chicago’s Northwest Side).

With the level of quality control that went into creating this coupon, what does that say about the quality of care a woman could expect to receive at Pendergraft’s clinic?

About what you’d expect from someone who merely managed to avoid failing out of medical school and who has since had his medical license suspended four times, I suppose.

How Low Are Pendergraft’s Standards?

Along these lines, I found it odd that in a section titled “Safe Abortion”, the website for Pendergraft’s Orlando Women’s Center states, “We use only sterilized surgical instruments and sterile, single-use only, disposable plastic uterine curettes.”

That’s a bit like a restaurant stating, “We use only clean dishes, our cooks always wash their hands, and we have no rats in our kitchen.” It’s the sort of thing that should go without saying.

If an abortion clinic feels the need to boast that they use “only sterilized surgical instruments,” you have to wonder how low their standards really are.

HT: LifeSiteNews

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