Pro-Abort Opposition Keeps Billboard in the News

Vandalized pro-life billboard

Pro-life billboard obstructed by pro-abortion sign [Photo by Heather Charles, Chicago Tribune]

Last Monday, Life Always launched the Chicago edition of their billboard campaign to highlight the high number of abortions among African Americans.

On site at the time were some angry members of the local community and women from Black Women for Reproductive Justice, who were offended by the message: “Every 21 minutes another possible leader is aborted.”

Over the weekend a group of “social workers and community members,” who, according to the Chicago Tribune did not want their names mentioned, covered two of the three billboards with fabric and their own messages.

As a consequence of the vociferous opposition to the billboards, the Life Always message has gone out much further than its organizers may have expected. National media carried the story last week.

Now the April 4th Chicago Tribune story reiterates the undeniable fact that there is a disproportionate number of abortions in the African American community. Megan Twohey, the Tribune reporter, actually states that fact three times in her brief article.

There may not be many motorists or pedestrians who happen by the billboards on State Street just north of 58th St. on Chicago’s south side, but thousands will see the message of the billboards in the newspaper, on television or radio and online.

Great job, Life Always. And thanks to the opposition for helping spread the news—too many black babies are aborted. Pro-lifers would like to see the next possible leader have a chance to be born.

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