Next Week: Eric in Belgium Doing Training, Activism and Outreach

March for Life Belgium 2010Last year when I visited Dublin, Ireland to speak at Youth Defence‘s outstanding Viva La Vida conference, I got to know some of the great pro-life youth of Europe, including a fantastic group from Belgium who are on fire for the pro-life cause.

Belgian Pro-Life Youth on Fire

In fact, the first thing I did after snatching an hour’s nap after my overnight flight was to meet up with the Belgians—including a dynamic young pro-life leader named Liesbeth Ronsmans—and head over to Dublin’s abortion referral center for a protest.

We spent most of the day together, and Liesbeth nearly wore me out with her questions about activism, talking to the press, dealing with police—everything she would need to know to bring dynamic grassroots activism to Belgium.

Two things quickly became clear: (1) Belgium is becoming a major pro-life hotspot in Europe and (2) they need the guidance and expertise of the Pro-Life Action League.

League-Style Activism Comes to Belgium

And so next week I’ll be traveling all over Belgium with Liesbeth and her Youth for Life group, along with fellow American pro-life activist Bryan Kemper. Bryan and I will be speaking to pro-life groups and general audiences, training youth activists and doing American-style pro-life activism—including a silent protest at the European Union parliament.

The week will culminate with the second annual Belgian March for Life (“Mars voor het leven” in Dutch; “Marche pour la vie” in French). The 2010 March was a huge success—the envy of pro-lifers in other parts of Europe—and this year’s is sure to top it, with pro-lifers from all across the Continent marching together.

Please keep me and the pro-lifers of Europe in your prayers next week as we turn up the pro-life heat in Belgium!

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