Things That Don’t Happen at a Podiatrist’s Office

Police at Planned Parenthood

Two squad cars talk to Planned Parenthood’s director after a client spews obscenities at pro-lifers [Photo by Matt Yonke]

I’ve spent a goodly amount of time outside our local Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois lately, and I’ve noticed a number of things happening there that don’t happen outside your local podiatrist’s office. Or that of your local dentist, pediatrician, or general practice doctor.

At Planned Parenthood Aurora yesterday, a young man waiting outside, talking on his cell phone while his significant other got an abortion, yelled at me and the two other pro-lifers there. He led off with asking whether we were going to adopt his baby if his girlfriend didn’t have the abortion. When we responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes, we will adopt your baby!” he changed his tack.

Next he started screaming, and I do mean screaming, at the top of his voice, that we should mind our own business and let people make their own choices. When I replied that we were only offering more options, not trying to force anyone to do anything, he finally ran out of arguments and started in with the vulgarity.

I won’t repeat the things he said to me and the other two pro-lifers, including as gentle a grandmother as ever you’d want to meet. It was far too vulgar. It got so bad, one of my companions called the police because they felt so threatened.

Squad Cars and Blaring Music

This was the second time the police had been to Planned Parenthood that morning. I had called them earlier because of another violation.

Planned Parenthood has speakers shaped like rocks planted in their landscaping to drown out pro-life sidewalk counselors—another thing you won’t see outside your neighborhood OB/GYN’s office.

When they were first installed they were deafeningly loud and pro-lifers along with neighbors who live around the clinic complained to the police, who enforced the local noise ordinance and turned them down. It had been months of relative quiet until yesterday when they were cranked back up to a ridiculous volume.

Two officers had come out earlier, assessed that they were indeed violating the ordinance, and made them turn the speakers down.

Cars Used as Weapons

And, believe it or not, I had to call police a third time to report that a passerby had swerved his car and nearly hit me in an obviously threatening maneuver. This is a sadly common occurrence outside this particular clinic.

Peaceful Protest

Protest at Planned Parenthood

Pro-life monthly protest at Planned Parenthood Aurora [Photo by Matt Yonke]

The previous Saturday at our monthly protest, over 50 people gathered to protest Planned Parenthood’s deadly business while a large group prayed the Rosary and two stalwart pro-lifers sidewalk counseled. Have you ever seen a grassroots effort to dissuade people from undergoing any other “medical procedure”?

No, abortion is no normal occurrence and the world knows it. That’s why Planned Parenthood has even put up signs forbidding anyone taking pictures of their facility! It is, of course, perfectly legal to do so, but the very fact that they would put up such a ridiculous sign shows that they have something to hide. After all, every other doctor’s office in the country has the same concern for the privacy of its patients as Planned Parenthood, but none of them try to forbid taking pictures of the outside of their buildings.

But so much strangeness is a hopeful sign to me. Planned Parenthood is under great pressure right now from all sides. Even many pro-choice people are beginning to see Planned Parenthood for what it is. And they’re cracking from the pressure. The crazy that they’ve long been able to keep inside the clinics is leaking out, and, as pro-life attorney Tom Brejcha likes to say, there’s no disinfectant in the world like sunlight.

The more the world sees Planned Parenthood, the less they will support it.

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