Fifth Year of Protest Begins at the “Abortion Fortress”

4 thumbnails of August protest at Planned ParenthoodThe fifth year of protests at Planned Parenthood’s notorious “Abortion Fortress” in Aurora, Illinois commenced this past Saturday with a great turnout of pro-life stalwarts. Black clouds loomed over the horizon as the protest got underway, and by the end we made our final prayers under driving rain.

Anticipating a lower than usual turnout with vacations and back-to-school activities, as well as a competing pro-life prayer breakfast in the Joliet Diocese, I brought a contingent of large signs. That way, the protest would still make a big visual impact, even with fewer volunteers.

But in the event, turnout was great. While 50 protestors walked the picket line with smaller signs, another dozen held large signs at he side of the road depicting an unborn baby, a newborn and a toddler, followed by a sign showing Our Lord Jesus weeping over the body of an aborted baby with the message, Abortion Kills His Children. This sequence of 4 signs was repeated 3 times.

Because of the heavy rain at the conclusion of the protest, I refrained from offering my usual reflections on the pro-life battle, but simply concluded with the Our Father and a verse of “Amazing Grace.”

“Your Strength Is Greater than the Rain”

Later that day I learned about the deluge that struck during a Mass at World Youth Day in Spain at around the same time as the protest.

Though the rain in Aurora was nothing in comparison to the freak storm in Madrid, I felt a special kinship with the pilgrims there, to whom Pope Benedict declared, “Your strength is greater than the rain.”

Indeed, there is tremendous strength in the pro-life movement, which is growing both here in the United States and throughout the world. God’s Grace is pouring down upon us as as fight to restore legal protection to His precious unborn children.

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