Massive Opposition to Planned Parenthood in Auburn Hills, MI

Joe at Auburn Hills vigil

Joe Scheidler speaks at pro-life candlelight vigil in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Aug 27 [Photo by Rebecca Kiessling]

More than 400 pro-life activists gathered Saturday in front of the shell of a massive building that has been purchased by Planned Parenthood to be used as another mega-abortion facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

I was among those invited to address the prayer warriors during the three-hour prayer vigil. Other speakers included attorney Rebecca Kiessling, who spoke about how she was conceived in rape, and how her life was spared only because the law would not allow her mother to have an abortion in 1969. As such, Kiessling said she had a very personal reason for preventing this Planned Parenthood abortion facility from opening.

The prayer vigil was planned and conducted by nationally known pro-life leader Dr. Monica Miller and her organization, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.

The prayer vigil consisted of readings by local pastors, many religious hymns, a time for private and small group prayer and a blessing at the conclusion. As the vigil continued into darkness, candles were distributed to the assembly, and a chorus of young students sang in harmony, adding to its solemnity.

The main purpose of the vigil was to seek Divine help in keeping Planned Parenthood from completing the building and turning it into an abortion center. The assembled pro-lifers were also praying for the success of a lawsuit brought by the adjoining Comfort Suites, which had sold the property to a developer to be used only for a restaurant, retail, or office space.

Attorneys for Planned Parenthood are counter-suing the Shri Krishna Group, original owners of both properties, for using a pre-existing deed restriction to keep Planned Parenthood out.

Planned Parenthood bought the unfinished building last November, and a court decision is expected by September 7.

One roadblock facing the pro-life group is the fact that the zoning ordinances for Auburn Hills allow for the property to be used for medical offices. Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit accuses neighboring property owners of committing slander in their effort to keep them out by writing letters critical of Planned Parenthood to city leaders.

When the Pro-Life Action League managed to prevent Planned Parenthood from opening its massive “Abortion Fortress” in Aurora, Illinois for two weeks in 2007, it was a victory for the pro-life movement nationwide. Likewise, preventing Planned Parenthood from going forward with its plans to build a mega-mill on the Auburn Hills property would also be a major victory for pro-life movement as a whole.

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