“Choice”: The Mother of All Euphemisms

askthemDo we pro-lifers believe a woman should have a choice of where she wants to go to college?

Do we believe women should have a choice of what kind of career they would like to pursue?

Or which doctor to go to?

Or what kind of car to drive?

Or what foods to eat?

Or…well, you get the idea.

Quite obviously, we believe women should have the right to choose any number of things (just as we believe men should have the right to choose any number of things).

And yet, those in favor of keeping abortion legal frequently refer to us not as pro-life, but rather, “anti-choice” — as if we were somehow opposed to women choosing anything.

“Choice,” they claim, is what they support. But the term “choice,” as they use it, is utterly vacuous. What is this “choice” that they speak of, if not a euphemism for the immoral and unjust decision of one human being to kill another human being?

Ask Them What They Mean When They Say “Choice”

When our good friend Jill Stanek found out that NARAL was holding a “Blog for Choice Day” on Friday, January 21, she came up with an idea to counter it: The “Ask Them What They Mean When They Say ‘Choice’ Blog Day” — which the Pro-Life Action League was more than happy to sign on to.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

The idea is simple. Any time any of us reads pro-aborts spouting their obscure “choice” rhetoric on a blog, website, Facebook, or Twitter, we call them out on it. We ask them to explain what the “choice” is.

Is it to eat carrots rather than broccoli? To wear red instead of blue? No, of course “choice” is code for killing babies. What’s their problem with the A-word? …

On Twitter use the hashtag #prochoice and copy @NARAL and @JillStanek if you have room on your messages. Then track the #prochoice hashtag throughout the day and respond to pro-abort tweets.

Bloggers – FB and tweet links to your posts, including the hashtag and @NARAL, @JillStanek.

Since NARAL is the sponsor of the other side’s blog celebration of the freedom to kill innocent babies, here is NARAL’s contact info:

NARAL email: CAN@ProChoiceAmerica.org
NARAL on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/naralprochoiceamerica
NARAL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/naral
NARAL on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/prochoiceamerica

I’m not guaranteeing pro-life messages will get through or stay up, but you can try.

Also google “Blog for Choice” frequently throughout the day, since NARAL has asked its supporters to tag their posts with that phrase. Try to comment on their posts.

Always maintain decorum.

So far, 67 pro-life bloggers and untold numbers of Facebook and Twitter users have pledged to take part in the first ever “Ask Them What They Mean When They Say ‘Choice’ Day”.

Do your part and join in!

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