Are We Aware?

Obviously to those in the pro-life movement, abortion is a real evil. But for some of us who grew up in pro-life families and Christian circles, we are somewhat sheltered from the first-hand impact of abortion. What I mean is that I’ve never looked back and said, “Wow, I’m so glad my parents chose life, and decided to keep me.” Coming from a pro-life family, that’s something I take for granted. But many people live in a different reality. As teenagers, college students, and young adults under 38, are we fully aware that we are survivors of a genocide that has killed 1/4 of our peers? Even at an amazingly Catholic school like Franciscan University of Steubenville, peoples’ lives are affected by abortion. There are students here who have stories of how their biological mother considered abortion, but instead placed them up for adoption. There are also students who have siblings who were aborted. What does it mean to us that our generation is missing a quarter of its members? The people that could have been our classmates, co-workers, and neighbors were never given the fundamental chance to live that we take for granted. Many people, sadly, have adopted the ‘me’ attitude our culture promotes. The one that says, “My life is going fine, and I’m not really concerned with other peoples’ problems”. The attitude that says, “Those people probably would have been born into poverty and broken families and are better off not being born”. Riiiiiiight. How selfish can we get? Our world is deprived of their unique and individual lives, and the gifts they no longer have to offer. Think about this for a minute. Our generation is running at 75% potential; and that’s simply from an economic viewpoint. And from a moral viewpoint, it can be argued that we’re running at a much lower potential. Are we truly aware of how affected our world is by abortion? Or are we living in our own selfish reality?

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