The Angry Face of Pro-Abortion Activists

Warning: Extremely Vulgar Language Below

This video was taken at the protest of the Tribute to Joe Scheidler on April 2. It’s amazing the vulgarity and vitriol you can see from the pro-abortion side, especially when compared with the pro-lifers who were so filled with joy and had such a positive message.

Pro-Abortion Anger Not Limited to Peaceful Protest

And the protest was not their only way of acting out that day. Some of their number slashed the tires of several cars with pro-life bumper stickers that were parked in the lot of the hotel. Read past the break for more acts of violence and shocking threats from pro-abortion radicals!

And this action came only months after Joe and Ann Scheidler had chunks of asphalt thrown through their windows hours after a “clinic defense” training was held by one of the same groups that sponsored the protest of the tribute to Joe.

In a blog posting on Chicago Indy Media pro-abortion forces swore the following:

Chicago Indy Media quote

So don’t let anyone tell you pro-lifers are violent. The violence in the abortion debate comes consistently from their side, and now you have the video to prove it.

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