“I Ask That You Take Offense to Impurity…”

Recently I was reading a series of private revelations reportedly given by Christ to “Anne”, a lay apostle. One topic that struck me was Christ’s message regardng purity, a much ignored virtue in our world. While the messages have not yet received the imprimatur (official approval of the Catholic Church), the bishop of Kilmore – Anne’s diocese – has given permission for their publication on the basis that there is nothing in them that is contrary to faith or morals, and much that is positive and nourishing for the faith.

Today we must talk about purity. My children, lack of purity is a very significant problem in your world. I search for purity and only find it in rare pockets. Because the tolerance for impurity is so profound, we are going to have to work very hard on this problem. Purity must be restored to every aspect of existence on earth. First, I speak of purity of dress. Do not dress in such a way as to indicate that you will behave sinfully. Dress as though you are a servant of Mine and seek My will. It is never My will to dress in clothes that lead others astray. Children, you know what I am referring to and I want this to stop. Modesty must be restored. Use these words often in your speech to remind people that purity and modesty are to be valued and applauded… My children, I ask that you take offense to impurity in every form of entertainment. No longer should you sit idly while those who claim to be artists desecrate Me. Defend Me. I am your God. I want to hear your cry of outrage if I am maligned. If you, who know Me so well, do not defend Me, who will? Speak with immediacy when you are offended by forms of entertainment such as music, television, writings, or art. Do not let the enemy think he has overcome all Christian thought. I will reward you beyond your understanding for efforts against the scourge of impurity. Your youth are being poisoned this way and we must change this with decision now… I want you to understand that living in the world as it is will not be considered a valid excuse for either behaving impurely or leading others to impurity. I hold each soul accountable for actions committed knowingly. Parents, guide your children in these matters and set positive examples. Children, obey your parents in these matters and know that I am with you always. We will work on this together and together we will overcome impurity with a dedicated and purposeful outcry. I am with you and will show you exactly what I am asking for in this regard. My children, I want to thank you, now and always, for your obedience and service to Me. Your every effort will be preserved and rewarded. When your sins are presented to Me, I will turn My head away. That is what comes from your effort to serve Me. Be at peace now and do not let past sins of impurity disturb you. All is forgiven and My memory is short when it comes to My servants.

Anne, a wife and mother of six, reveals her journey to the heart of Jesus. The messages she hears in her soul, which she believes are from God the Father, Jesus, Mary, and many saints, reveal the tender, solicitous love that our Savior has for each one of us. The above text, as well as more information, can be found at directionforourtimes.org.

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