40 Days for Life Wraps Up—New Low Price for Action Speaks DVD

Action Speaks DVDYesterday the Spring 40 Days for Life campaign wrapped up with and incredible 495 babies saved from abortion!

Results like that are why we at the League believe that nothing is quite as effective at stopping abortion than grassroots activism.

So in honor of 40 Days wrapping up with such incredible success, we’re slashing the price on our Action Speaks Louder than Words DVD by almost 50%! You can get your copy today for the new low price of only $10.

Action Speaks is a 39 minute documentary on why pro-life activism is vital work that must continue and a call to action for anyone cares about children in the womb.

It’s a great video to familiarize yourself with the League’s unique and powerful style of direct activism, or as an inspiring presentation to get your friends, family or church group on board with fighting abortion on the front lines.

Order your copy today at the new low price of $10 at the League’s online activism store! Or call the League at 773-777-2900 to place an order by phone.

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