New Abortion Pill Video Sticks to the Facts

Josh Brahm blogged recently at Live Action about a new video produced by the Human Development Resource Council (HDRC) about RU-486 — also known simply as “the abortion pill” — that’s definitely a cut above the average YouTube video:

It shows a scene of an abortionist in a counseling session with a young woman who wants RU-486. But this counseling session is very unlike the dishonest marketing and misinformation that was shown during Live Action’s Rosa Acuna sting. This is what would happen if an honest abortionist told a woman the truth about her embryo and what RU-486 would do to both her and her child. I’m sure pro-choice people will cry “propaganda” when they see this video, but there’s a documented medical citation for every single sentence the abortionist utters!

Here it is:

Make This Video Go Viral

Josh has a great idea: Whenever someone does a YouTube search for “abortion pill,” what if this was the first video that showed up?

At the time Josh published his blog post last week, a Planned Parenthood video with 114,000 views was the first video that showed up in a YouTube search. But just a week later, that Planned Parenthood video now comes up second, and another video with nearly 100,000 fewer views is first.

And, very encouragingly, the HDRC video shown above is already 7th on the list. With over 3,200 views, it already shows up ahead of another video that has nearly three times as many views!

While the number of views is important to making a video show up first in YouTube searches, it’s not the only factor that matters. Others include:

  • Ratings
  • Playlist additions
  • Embeds
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Age of video
  • Channel views
  • Subscribers
  • Inbound links (from external domains)

So after you watch the video, Josh offers some concrete suggestions for how you can make it go viral:

  1. Rate the video (thumbs up or thumbs down)
  2. Create a YouTube playlist and add this video to it. (You’ll need a YouTube account to do this.)
  3. Embed the video on your blog or website
  4. Share the video on Facebook and Twitter
  5. Write a comment with your thoughts about the video, and/or reply to someone else’s comment.
  6. Subscribe to the “Fact Not Opinion” channel.

Go to it!

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