Pro-Life Brothers Pool Halloween Candy to Raise Funds for League

Carney brothers

The pro-life Carney brothers

In one of the most creative—and inspiring—pro-life fundraisers I’ve ever seen, the four Carney brothers—Jack (9), Joey (7), Michael (5) and Christopher (3)—decided to pool all their Halloween candy and see if they could raise some money to help the Pro-Life Action League save babies and their mothers from abortion.

To set their creative plan in motion, the two oldest, Jack and Joey, went with their Dad, Chris, to his office in downtown Chicago a few days after Halloween. They gave away their candy to people at the train station and at the office, accepting donations for the League. In all, they raised $368.98!

Young Activists Are an Inspiration

What’s especially touching about the boys’ contribution to the League’s effort is that they’re all experienced pro-life activists. They’ve joined the League’s Face the Truth Tours in the past, along with their parents and sisters—a great pro-life family!

The Carney Brothers hope other pro-life kids will take up their idea next year. I hope so, too—because that’s what the Pro-Life Action League is all about: finding dynamic ways to fight abortion, and then empowering others to join the effort.

Chris and his wife Millie must be very proud of their sons. So am I!

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