Your Newest Blogger!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth, and I’m the newest guest blogger for Generations for Life. I’ve been blessed to have been raised Catholic in an amazing family, and have always been pro-life in my beliefs. As a teenager, I’ve come to recognize abortion as more than just a discussion topic or political viewpoint, but as the life and death situation it is. I’ve been given the opportunity to listen to speakers such as GFL’s John Jansen, and Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries, who have only reinforced my commitment against abortion. It was in high school that I became actively pro-life, playing a role in starting two pro-life clubs at different parishes, and regularly praying outside of local clinics. I’m currently a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and between all the college activities I take part in, I strive to continue to fight for the culture of life. I feel that my posts will probably touch on various life issues, my personal thoughts, stories and reflections, and current events. I encourage you to make any comments about my posts, and most of all, I hope you will enjoy and possibly learn from them!

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