Woe to Those Who Call Evil Good, and Good Evil

There are two abortion clinics in Pittsburgh that students from Franciscan University regularly pray outside of. One of these clinics is the Allegheny Reproductive Health Center. As a rule, abortion clinics stay away from using terms like “baby” and “killing” but at Allegheny Reproductive, clinic counselors are not afraid to use those words when talking to the women who come for abortions. Instead of “correcting” women who refer to their unborn child as a baby, the staff at this clinic acknowledges it… and asks the women if they can see abortion as a “loving act” towards themselves and their children. Women are encouraged to write notes to their unborn babies, and these pink, paper hearts – written to the children they’ve killed – cover the walls of the waiting room. allegheny A perverted view of spirituality is employed to offer “comfort” and “forgiveness” to women having abortions. Women who express unease about having an abortion due to religious beliefs are asked if they believe God will forgive them. If they request to do so, women are allowed to pray over the dead fetuses, or perform mock “baptisms”. Abortion is justified, according to Allegheny Reproductive’s website, because: “No one sin is more or less forgivable than another” and “God…did not expect us to be perfect”. To provide closure for the women, the clinic’s website suggests:

Whether you think of it as a child or not, you probably still want to treat the pregnancy with respect. You can do something as simple as lighting a candle to something more complicated like creating a whole ceremony. Our own culture in the US has a variety of funeral rituals and borrowing from one of them may be just what you are looking for.

What struck me most – besides seeing how truly sick and confused some people are – is that the greatest evil is the kind which disguises itself as good. While God in his mercy WILL forgive anyone who shows true sorrow for their abortion, using that approach to justify killing your child is nauseating. Just like Satan quoting from the Bible to tempt Jesus in the desert, these people at Allegheny Reproductive mock what is true and sacred by twisting it to their destructive ends.

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