Encouraging Signs of Life Across America

Joe and Ann Scheidler at Guadelupe Shrine

Joe and Ann Scheidler at the Guadelupe Shrine Memorial for the Unborn near LaCrosse, WI

Joe and I just got back from a trip out West to visit some of the National Parks—Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. And we can report that we live in an astonishingly beautiful country. We can also report that the pro-life movement is thriving in our land.

Signs of Life

Along the way, we attended Mass at various Catholic churches. At nearly every one of them we encountered a Pray to End Abortion sign, a poster advertising 40 Days for Life or an extensive bulletin notice about a pro-life event. Along the highways we saw billboards reading Abortion is a Choice that Kills, Choose Life or any number of other pro-life messages.

Even though we were on vacation and, in fact, didn’t miss the daily grind at the office at all, it was heartwarming to see these signs of life as we traveled over 4,000 miles across the mid-section of the United States.

I think it is a clear indication that we pro-lifers are in the ascendancy. Nowhere did we see any sign that could be interpreted as supporting abortion—not even a bumper sticker. So take heart: we are winning this battle.

Buffalo Memorial

As you might imagine, since we were visiting the western National Parks we saw many herds of bison—or buffalo, if you prefer. Joe is particularly fond of buffalo—even getting so close to one of the huge animals to take yet another picture that he was lucky to escaped unharmed. We even bought a couple of buffalo statues, which were surprisingly hard to find.

Joe at Buffalo, WY Shrine

Joe Scheidler at the Memorial for the Unborn in Buffalo, WY [Photo by Ann Scheidler]

On our way through the beautiful Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming we came upon a town named “Buffalo” and pulled off the highway for a visit, just out of curiosity. Buffalo is said to be an historic site, but what caught our attention right away was a memorial in the yard at St. John the Baptist Church—a Memorial to the Unborn.

Cradled in Our Lady’s Arms

On the last leg of the trip we passed through La Crosse, Wisconsin, every bit as lovely an area as the national parks, with the Mississippi River, the bluffs and the rolling farmlands of Wisconsin. Just south of La Crosse is the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a beautiful, peaceful spot nestled in the tree-covered hills.

The largest and most impressive shrine at the site is the Memorial to the Unborn. The centerpiece is a statue of Our Blessed Mother cradling in her arms three tiny victims of abortion. The memorial includes a mausoleum where one can have the remains of a lost baby buried.

Pro-life activists never really take a vacation from their vocation. But it sure is encouraging to see so many signs that our life’s work is truly making a difference. There are pro-life activists all over the United States, and we are winning.

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