Vote Pro-Life: Abortion Kills Millions of Children


As I write this, election day looms ahead of us. It’s funny to think that in fewer than 48 hours so much will have been decided that will impact our nation for the coming years.

I know better than to place my hopes in politics and politicians, but I still strongly believe that we have a moral obligation to do everything we can (legally) to protect unborn babies. This means by education, by activism, by prayer, by changing the laws, and by voting for those who control the laws.

So when you vote tomorrow, I urge you to remember the babies.

Remember the 3,300 babies who, during election day tomorrow, will be brutally ripped apart by the instruments of abortionists.

Remember the babies who will be peacefully resting, safe in their mother’s wombs, when their peace is interrupted by a vacuum or forceps.

Remember the babies, whose only burial will be down a garbage disposal or into a garbage can.

Remember the babies who will not be allowed to cling safely to their mothers, aborted by chemical methods early in life. These tiny children do not even merit to be counted in the Guttmacher Institute’s record of 1.21 million surgical abortions performed each year.

Return To Where We Started

My boss, Joe Scheidler, commented not long ago at a staff meeting that we’ve shifted, perhaps overly so, from where we started this fight 37 years ago. The movement began by trying to teach people about the humanity of the unborn child. We taught people that this little one is fully human–with ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes–even in the womb.

Now the focus is on the women who have had abortions and the women who will have abortions. The spotlight is on the “Silent No More Women” and the women injured by abortionists. I’m not against that–the Chicago Method of Sidewalk Counseling developed by the Pro-Life Action League focuses on the lawsuits of injured women, after all.

Keep Their Pain at the Front of Your Mind

But I think we forget… Or, more accurately in my case, at least, we push this knowledge out of the front of our minds. It is emotionally exhausting and extremely depressing to reflect on the suffering of so many innocent children each day. If you focused on it for too long, I think it would overwhelm you.

But I urge you tomorrow to think about the unborn babies when you vote. Vote to elect politicians who will do what they can to protect unborn babies and who will try to decrease the number of abortions in our nation.

(In Illinois, find where politicians stand on abortion here. The voting records of incumbents in the House and Senate on abortion-related bills are available here.)

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