Join the March for Life: Friday, January 22


Abortion has been in the spotlight since President Obama took office in January 2009. His record of radically pro-abortion policy decisions, along with his audacious and scandalous commencement speech at Notre Dame last May, have Americans who care about life up in arms.

Even people who don’t care much about the abortion issue are paying attention, especially since abortion has been the issue that has caused more problems than any other in the healthcare debate.

With that in view, this year’s March for Life in Washington D.C. on January 22 promises to be one of the most exciting Marches in years. If there’s any way you can get to Washington, this is the year to do it. Hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans will raise their voices, calling on our government to respect all human life, from conception to natural death. Don’t miss your chance to join them. Check out the March for Life website for all the details on the March, as well as information on accommodations and other pro-life events taking place around the March.

But even if you can’t make it to Washington, there is still a way you can join your voice to those on the ground at the March.

Join the Virtual March for Life. From your computer, you can choose an avatar to represent you and see yourself placed, along side thousands of others, on the national mall.

If you won’t be there in person, make sure to do more than just click a button. Call your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators today and tell them to keep abortion funding out of any healthcare legislation they consider. You can get all their contact info here by just entering your zip code.

We can stop this egregious expansion of the abortion mandate in our nation if we all raise our voices together—both in Washington D.C. and across the country this weekend.

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