Two Scenarios

A girl is studying to become a teacher at an acclaimed college, her education financed by her volleyball scholarship. One morning she is called into her coach’s office. She is told that a new player is joining the team, and will be taking her roster spot. As she is no longer part of the team, the girl is no longer eligible to receive her scholarship. The girl is incredulous. She protests that they can’t take her scholarship away, but the school has the ultimate authority, and the decision has already been made. The girl has no money to continue her education, and has no choice but to drop out of school. But this can’t happen; she does not want to lose her dream or her future. She has no option but to find a reason to remain on the volleyball team. So the girl goes with her best friend to a party where the girl who has taken her place on the team is present. She poisons the girl’s drink, and within 24 hours, the girl is dead. The girl is caught and convicted of first-degree murder. She is sentenced to 40 years in prison. The family of the slain girl calls for the death sentence. News reports travel across the country, and those who read the report are rightfully shocked and appalled. In a second scenario, a girl plays college basketball. She is a star player, and has received a sizeable scholarship to play for the school. Just recently though, her world has been rocked. The girl has found out that she is pregnant. In line with team policy, her coach informs her that if she continues with her pregnancy, she will no longer be eligible to play and must forfeit her scholarship money. The girl’s boyfriend is unsupportive and her parents blame her for putting her future in jeopardy. The following week, the girl drives to Planned Parenthood and receives an abortion. She knows she is taking a life, but her education and her career are more important. Her coach commends her for a making the “responsible decision” and her teammates welcome her back. To all onlookers, including her family, it appears that her life has returned to normal. While both of these scenarios are hypothetical, our society’s reaction to them is similar to what is portrayed in the story. Other than size, environment, and stage of development, there is no difference in the life of an adult and the life of an unborn child. But our society has been so numbed to abortion, that the taking of life through abortion hardly causes a stir, while any other fatal crime is appalling. Likewise, most women receiving an abortion would never murder another adult, but have been confused and deceived into killing their child, because it has been accepted by society.

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