Massive Turnout at Best Downtown Truth Day Ever

Truth Tour outside the Art Institute

“Face the Truth” Tour outside the Art Institute [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The mid-point of the Pro-Life Action League’s 2010 “Face the Truth” Tour was marked by the single best day in downtown Chicago in the Tour’s 11 year history.

After such a big day, time allows for only a brief recap. For more in-depth information on the day, visit our Twitter feed.

The Tour visited Lake Shore Drive at Buckingham Fountain, the Art Institute of Chicago and the pedestrian throng at Adams St. and Wacker Blvd. outside Union Station. Highlights of this fantastic day under the beautiful Chicago sun include:

  • Huge turnout bolstered by two dozen members of the Crusaders for Life youth pro-life club
  • A maniacal art student wrested truth signs from two volunteers and threw them into busy Michigan Avenue, tried to steal a staffer’s video camera and fled into the school of the Art Institute as Tour Staffer Matt Yonke gave chase—police investigations are underway
  • Passersby spontaneously decided to join the Tour at Union Station before catching their trains home
  • Tour Director Eric Scheidler ran—and cordially shook hands with—attorney Chris Wilson who is currently representing Planned Parenthood in the zoning case against them in Aurora, Illinois

After two days in Downtown Chicago, the Tour moves on to the north suburbs of Chicago tomorrow.

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