2010 “Face the Truth” Tour Ends Strong

Graphic abortion sign on the south side of Chicago near I-55

Volunteer Chris Iverson holds a 3rd trimester abortion sign on Cicero Avenue [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The Pro-Life Action League’s 2010 summer “Face the Truth” Tour came to a rousing end last Friday and Saturday with sites on the south side of Chicago and in the city’s western suburbs of Aurora and Naperville.

Friday started out at 43rd Street and Cicero Avenue with great turnout and tons of traffic. The site is located very close to an interchange on I-55 and very close to Midway airport, so thousands of passersby saw the truth about abortion.

The site at 95th & Ridgeland in Oak Lawn/Chicago Ridge was also very well attended and lunch was generously provided by the Chesna family at their nearby home.

Smooth Sailing in Burbank

Woman with three children and Jesus sign

A volunteer and her sons hold a Jesus sign at the corner of Ogden and Washington [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The last site of the day, at 79th Street and Cicero Avenue in Burbank, was the scene of a confrontation with police on last year’s Tour, but this year everything ran incredibly well.

Even the pro-abortion counter-protesters who showed up near the end of the site were surprisingly cheerful and open to dialog. One of their number, who runs an online news publication, took a long video interview with Tour Director Eric Scheidler that eschewed many of the “gotcha” tactics that counter-protesters often use to catch pro-lifers off guard and make them appear unintelligent.

Spirit Juice Documents the Tour’s Last Day

Spirit Juice Studios crew interviews Joe Scheidler

The Spirit Juice video crew interviews Joe Scheidler [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The last day of the Tour saw stops outside Planned Parenthood Aurora, one of the nation’s largest abortuaries, as well as at Washington St. and Ogden Ave. in Naperville and the final stop at Rt. 59 and New York St. in Aurora.

Great crowds at every stop made it a perfect day for a video shoot. The guys from Spirit Juice Studios came out for all three sites to shoot some video of the event. They will be producing the footage into a video the League will use to promote activism and specifically “Face the Truth” efforts.

The day ended with a party at the home of Eric and April Scheidler. Good feeling abounded as volunteers and staff ate, drank and traded stories of all the harrowing happenings of the Tour.

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