The Power of an Invitation

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why so many people who are pro-life aren’t more involved in pro-life activities, there is often a very simple explanation: Because they haven’t been invited. A recent post on the Students for Life of Illinois blog — titled “The Power of an Invitation” — illustrates exactly that:

It was not until a friend at the University of Illinois invited me to pray outside an abortion clinic that the words “pro-life” actually took meaning in my life. Seeing the women my age enter Planned Parenthood wearing baggy clothes one Friday morning hit me with a wave of compassion and sorrow. It brought the pro-life movement from an abstract ideal to a reality in my life with a face and a story. Knowing the importance of my generation taking a stand for life, I made it a personal goal to invite the women I mentor on campus to join me in the pro-life campaign happening now in Indianapolis. Last week, I invited Tessa to go pray with me outside Planned Parenthood during our weekly discipleship time. Although she said yes, I could tell she was unsure of the whole situation. Standing outside the clinic, I taught her how to pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet as we watched our peers enter and exit the building. Except for the soft prayers, she was silent the entire time, taking in all of her surroundings. When we left the grounds of Planned Parenthood, she proceeded to tell me a story of a friend who lived in the dormitory with her who had an abortion. ‘I just kept thinking about her, knowing that this is where it all happened.’ It was the first time Tessa had ever taken a public stand for life. We continued talking about her experience and how she could share it with her peers, especially in her field of nursing. Gaby is another student who joined me in peaceful prayer outside Planned Parenthood. It, too, was her first experience with the pro-life movement. The following week she went back on her own and invited her friends to go with her. Each day I am more and more convinced of the power of a simple invitation.”

There’s one way you can be sure that other pro-lifers won’t join you at the next pro-life prayer vigil, demonstration, or conference you attend — and that is to not invite them to join you. On the other hand, if you do invite them, there’s a good chance they will join you — and then thank you later.

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