Strong Turnout To Protest Planned Parenthood Aurora

Protesting Planned Parenthood Aurora, January 16, 2010 The bitter winter cold abated somewhat on Saturday, January 16 for our first monthly protest of the year at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois, with temperatures in the mid-twenties. A strong group of fifty faithful activists bundled up and joined me on the picket line to oppose to the huge abortuary on Aurora’s west side. The picket line was just as long as at last year’s January protest at the site, a good sign that community resistance to the controversial Planned Parenthood facility remains strong. And as usual, the protest group included some new faces—folks who decided the time had come to take an active role fighting abortion. At the end of the picket, I gathered the protest group together and exhorted them to do two things:

  1. Visit the Stop the Abortion Mandate website to watch the most recent video and find out what each of them could do to stop federal funding for abortion, which is included in the Senate version of the legislation.
  2. Invite a pro-life friend to come to the February protest, someone who might be thinking about coming out but who had never really been invited and encouraged to join us on the front lines.

Protesting Planned Parenthood Aurora, January 16, 2010 “It’s not enough to oppose abortion in your heart, or to cry out, ‘How could a woman ever abort her child?’ So many of the mothers going through those doors are desperate. They don’t really know what abortion does to the unborn child. They don’t know what abortion will do to them—the guilt and shame, the lifelong sadness. “We must be here to be the face of Christ for those mothers. We must be here to mourn for those babies. No mother should ever have to go through with an abortion without being given the chance to choose life; no baby should ever be aborted without a pro-life witness there to mourn for that baby.” We closed, as we always do, with the Lord’s prayer, and a firm conviction to continue the fight in Aurora. (For more images from the protest check out the slide show put together by Jeanette O’Toole.)

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