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in-his-eyes-t-shirt2When I wrote last month about the very successful TeenSpeak 2010 conference, I mentioned that this year’s conference included a talk titled, “The Anatomy of a Pro-Life T-Shirt,” given by League staffer Matt Yonke.

In his presentation, Matt dissected the most common styles of pro-life T-shirts, showing several examples of each. His talk served as a great jumping-off point for TeenSpeak’s first-ever Pro-Life T-Shirt Workshop.

Attendees were divided into 20 groups, and each group was given a T-shirt, a set of fabric markers, and 45 minutes to create their own pro-life T-shirt. To ramp up the competition factor, the teams were told that the winning design would be professionally printed and sold on ChristianShirts.net, and that each member of the winning team would receive one.

The competition proved tough, but in the end the judges selected the design (pictured above) by Angela Habisohn, Hannah McHugh, Mattie VanderBleek, Charlotte Seidel, and Michelle Ryan as the winner.

Mattie used graphic design software to give it a few touch-ups, and the finished product looks great!

The wonderful couple that runs ChristianShirts.net was even generous enough to send some complimentary T-shirts to our office as well—here’s me wearing mine:

Order Your Shirt Today

With National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week coming up next month, this would be a great shirt to get. You can order yours here.

The original design by Angela, Hannah, Mattie, Charlotte, and Michelle also has a verse from 1 Corinthians 2:9 on the back: “No eye has seen…what God has prepared for those who love Him.” You can get that added to back of your shirt here.

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