Poor Pro-Life Nebraskans

Will Nebraskans be able to enforce their ban on late-term abortions?
Will Nebraskans be able to enforce their ban on late-term abortions?

We feel kind of sorry for pro-lifers in Nebraska. Sure, after tons of work they finally have a groundbreaking law that says you can’t abort a baby after 20 weeks because at that age the baby can feel pain.

Pro-Life Laws Don’t Go Into Effect Immediately

But even though the Legislature passed the law, and even though Governor Dave Heineman signed the bill, and even though the bill is scheduled to take effect this October, the bill will be challenged by the pro-aborts.

Now if it were anything but a pro-life victory it would be the law of Nebraska right now.

Pain v. Viability

But the pro-aborts, who couldn’t care less when a baby begins to feel searing pain, are challenging the bill and will take it all the way up to the Supreme Court to get it knocked down, no matter what it costs. They just want the baby killed.

Even though doctors have agreed that fetuses—which we call babies—do feel pain at least at 20 weeks, pro-aborts say it isn’t until later.

They are only interested in viability, when the baby is able to live outside the womb, and they’re not even very concerned about that. The limit of “viability” is considered 22 to 23 weeks, though some babies have survived earlier than that.

Expect a Lengthy Battle

Even Mary Balch, the legislative director of National Right to Life says a court injunction will most likely prevent the bill from being implemented in October.

The long and arduous trip to the U.S. Supreme Court will mean the law would not be implemented for years. Remember, it took 21 years for NOW v. Scheidler to finally get through the courts. The abortionists do have a way with judges and can string out a law they don’t life as long as they want to.

And then when it’s over, it still isn’t over.

Don’t Expect Positive Things From This Court

But pro-lifers are at least hopeful that their new law will become the most important abortion case to get up to the U. S. Supreme Court in many years. The present Court will likely rule it unconstitutional, because even after two Republican, pro-life presidents the Supreme Court is still pro-abortion. And with Barack Obama at the helm it’s likely to stay that way for a long, long time.

So we feel sorry for the pro-lifers, the mothers and the babies, and the people of Nebraska. They have a victory of sorts, but it’s going to take a long time for it to be a real victory. I could be wrong, and pray that I am, but over the years I’ve become skeptical. But it was worth the try.

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