Gulf Oil Spill Highlights the Power of Graphic Images

Oiled bird (top) and aborted baby (bottom)We pro-life activists are often criticized for using graphic abortion pictures in the course of our effort to change the hearts of our fellow citizens on abortion. We’re told that these images are “too disturbing” and that there must be “some other way” to get our point across.

But again and again, the power of graphic images is made manifest—not only through our own experience of how abortion pictures save babies from abortion out on the street, but across a whole host of other issues.

Seeing Is Believing—and Undestanding

Hearing about injustice just isn’t enough for most people. We’re a visual society. When people see for themselves the tragic results of injustice, their hearts are moved and their minds are changed.

Only when people saw pictures of little children working in coal mines did the advocate for child labor laws. Only when they saw body bags on TV coming back from Vietnam did they turn against that war. Only when they saw the brutally beaten face of Emmett Till did they rise up against racial injustice in the South.

And now we’re seeing the power of disturbing graphic images to influence public opinion in the ongoing news coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The impact of this massive environmental disaster really hits home when you see all those pictures of oiled pelicans and other wildlife. Detailed numbers of barrels of oil washing up on shore or miles of coastline impacted do little to move the heart. Seeing the image of a single greasy, blackened bird struggling for life does.

To Face the Truth Means to See the Truth

And the same is true of the graphic abortion signs we take out on the street during out Face the Truth Tours. When people see for themselves what abortion has done to the three abortion victims whose pictures we use on these Tours, the grave injustice of abortion becomes clear.

More than 3,400 unborn babies are killed in their mothers’ wombs every day. That’s a staggering figure. Perhaps too staggering. It’s hard to get your head around. But our graphic pictures, showing what abortion did to three particular unborn babies in the first, second and third trimesters of life make that tragedy real.

See for Yourself the Power of Facing the Truth

What’s true about these images themselves is also true of our Face the Truth Tours: you have to see one of these Tours yourself to truly appreciate how effective they are at educating the public on abortion.

So many people who have doubted the value of this pro-life tactic have changed their minds once they decided to go ahead and see what it’s like to take part. When they experience for themselves how seeing the ugly truth about abortion—often for the first time—opens people’s eyes, they become committed to these Tours.

The League’s 11th Annual Face the Truth Tour throughout the Chicago area gets under way in two weeks. If you live in the area, I invite you to take part, and see for yourself how we’re turning America against abortion.

Even if you don’t live near enough to join us, you can still get your own taste of what Face the Truth is like by following the Tour July 9-17 both here and on our Facebook page, with live updates from the street—including lots of pictures and video.

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