Slogan Suggestions for NARAL

League volunteer Matt Funovits tells passersby what abortion advocates really want

Yesterday we found out that NARAL Pro-Choice America is asking for help in coming up with a 5-7 word slogan on the importance of voting pro-choice on November 2. They’re planning to put the winning slogan on stickers to be distributed at rallies in Washington, DC on October 30.

We posted about the contest on the League’s Facebook page and asked our fans to come up with their own suggestions for what NARAL might want to choose. There were some good ones, including “Vote pro-choice — Silence your baby’s voice,” “Vote Pro-Choice! Exterminate the Vulnerable!” and ‎”50 Million Isn’t Nearly Enough.”

Surely most self-styled pro-choicers would object and say that no one among their ranks would ever seriously propose going public with a slogan like one of these. But in our experience, we would beg to differ.

Pro-choice counter-protesters

“Pro-Choice: Because Kids Have No Future” and “Kill More Babies” signs

Consider, pictured at the right, two examples of actual signs held by “pro-choice” counter-protesters we’ve encountered at our events.

Self-evidently appalling? Yes.

But honest. Brutally honest.

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