Teens Are Tomorrow’s Leaders

lifeapalooza 1The Crusaders for Life are an active group of teens.

They have invited the League’s director, Joe Scheidler, and Generations for Life’s co-director, John Jansen, to speak at their meetings on several occasions. They have also been to Planned Parenthood in Chicago to pray, even saving a baby while they were there!

Their newest effort is LIFEapalooza, a gathering designed to bring pro-life teens from the Chicagoland area together to have fun and network.


The email for the event explains exactly what the event is all about:

There are three things everyone should know about being pro-life: being pro-life is extremely important, amazingly powerful, and ridiculously fun. It’s important because every minute, there are 20 little American lives LOST in the holocaust of abortion.

But the pro-life youth of America are powerful: 400,000 rallied together at the March for Life this year. The youth are the energy of the country, so if anyone is going to make a change, we are!

We pro-lifers really believe in what we say: LOVE LIFE! We know babies deserve to live a full and exciting life, so we definitely think we should do the same. We love to have fun!

The First Annual Lifeapalooza

LIFEapalooza is the event to realize our importance, establish our power, and have an immeasurable amount of fun! It will begin to UNITE the pro-life youth of Chicago into close network–an unstoppable army to defend life.

It’s a picnic for the pro-life youth (high school and college age) of Chicagoland to bond over food, sports, and unforgettable fun (like water wars and food contests).

We want the pro-life movement of Chicago to just get comfortable with itself. Bring a picnic lunch and all your pro-life friends! We will be selling T-shirts and accepting donations for the pro-life cause, but otherwise the event is entirely free.

Teens…Mark Your Calenders

Date: Sunday, July 11, 2010
Time:  11:00am – 10:00pm
Location: Knolls Park (18W771 16th Street) in Lombard, IL

Need More Info?

For more information, contact Peter Aiura (847)529-7967 or Grace Deardurff (630)542-5822. Also, visit the website or watch the trailer for more information.

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