“Face the Truth” Reaches Thousands in Evanston and Lincolnwood

Graphic abortion photos along Ridge Avenue in Evanston, Illinois

Dan Wenzel and Liza Shceidler hold graphic abortion signs along Ridge Avenue in Evanston, IL [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The Pro-Life Action League held our June “Face the Truth” Day in the Chicago suburbs of Evanston and Lincolnwood yesterday, Wednesday, June 16. Evanston is home to Northwestern University and, like many university towns, is quite liberal. We encounter some of the fiercest opposition to “Face the Truth” there.

In light of that, I and the rest of the crew and volunteers were pleasantly surprised to see a great deal of approving support from passersby. There was certainly the expected honks and obscene gestures, many waved, gave thumbs up and even stopped to tell us how much they appreciated our work and that they knew it needed to be done.

Among the more than twenty volunteers who held pictures of aborted babies at the intersection of Davis and Ridge were two students who pray and sidewalk counsel at the Planned Parenthood facility downtown Chicago. They heard about the Truth Day from some of their fellow counselors and decided to join in.

Lincolnwood Site Evokes Quiet Contemplation

Graphic abortion photos along McCormick Boulevard in Lincolnwood, Illinois

Chris Iverson and other volunteers hold graphic abortion signs along McCormick Blvd. in Lincolnwood, IL [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

In contrast to the honking and yelling in Evanston, several volunteers remarked to me about the great number of people they saw slow down to really look at the pictures with eyes wide open in horror. Our signs lined both sides of McCormick Boulevard with a bike path on one side of the road and a mall on the other. This made for a lot of foot traffic as well as motor traffic passing by the display.

It was an extremely successful Truth Day and afterward, League staff headed to our storage locker to wash and repair all our Face the Truth signs, a yearly ritual before our 10-day “Face the Truth” Tour in July. Be sure to join us for one of the sites all across northeast Illinois if you can. We’ll be joined this year by a priest from Fr. Frank Pavone’s Priests for Life as well as hundreds of pro-lifers from across the midwest.

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