Jesus In Utero

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A billboard produced by ChurchAds.net set to release in Great Britain in December is causing a stir.

The ad is called “Baby Scan Jesus,” and shows an ultrasound image of Jesus in the womb (halo included) with the captions “He’s on His way” and “Christmas starts with Christ.”

Expectant Parents Are Eager To Show Their First Baby Photo

The designers of the ad write [pdf], the ultrasound picture “announces the imminent birth of the Christ child in the way that many modern day parents choose to announce the coming birth of their own child.” They believe Mary probably would have shown off Jesus’ ultrasound picture if he had been born in the 21st century.

The ultrasound has become an interesting tool in the abortion debate, hasn’t it? Parents who are excited about their soon-to-be born babies proudly show the image of their children on the ultrasound.

Even women who are “pro-choice” do this, I’ve discovered. Imagine my shock when a college roommate who had marched in the pro-abortion “March for Women’s Lives” posted her friend’s ultrasound on our refrigerator!

The Ultrasound Image Is Not Just For Pro-Lifers

And do you remember the anger that was unleashed when ultrasound kiosks popped up in malls letting women see their babies on 3-D ultrasounds? Those nasty pro-lifers were at it again, the media told us.

This, despite the fact that women who patronized this kiosks were doing so voluntarily and because they were excited to see their unborn babies!

So although a picture of a pre-born baby is fantastic proof of the humanity of the unborn child, it’s not something that pro-lifers have sole dominion over. That’s why the designers at ChurchAds says the ad is not meant to be a statement on abortion, despite the media portrayal of it as such.

National Secular Society Expresses Fear of Baby Jesus

The most amusing quote I’ve found comes from Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society in the Times Online: “At first glance it looks like a poster for a horror film—perhaps The Omen VI: He’s Coming to Get You.”

I, for one, like the ad as a reminder that Christ was fully God and fully man even before His birth.

But just think: even as a tiny baby, Jesus was powerful enough to scare grown men like Terry Sanderson! No need to worry though, Terry, Jesus is coming to save you, not to harm you.

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