High School Helps 15-Year Old Girl Get an Abortion

Earlier this week, a news story broke about a high school in Washington state that helped a 15-year old girl get an abortion at Planned Parenthood without her parents’ knowledge: Shockingly, at this point it appears that nothing the school did was illegal. This is due, in part, to the fact that Washington is one of 16 states that currently does not have a parental involvement law in effect [PDF]. (What’s more, in some of these states, schools aren’t even required to notify parents if they find out a student is pregnant in the first place.) In these 16 states, students need parental permission to be given aspirin by the school nurse if they have a headache…but not if they want to get an abortion. If you’re having trouble getting your head around how this can possibly be, you’re not alone. A significant majority of Americans — including many who call themselves pro-choice — believe parental involvement laws are a good idea. Pro-life organizations are often portrayed as being “outside the mainstream,” or even “extreme.” But on the commonsense issue of parental involvement laws, no one fights harder against them than pro-choice organizations, despite the fact that these laws have been clearly shown to decrease the teen abortion rate. It makes you wonder who the real extremists are. It also makes you wonder how they can expect to taken seriously when they say they want to make abortion “rare”.

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