Pro-Abortion Vandalism Prompts Act of Generosity

Mike Gilkey, owner of Gilkey Windows
Mike Gilkey, owner of Gilkey Windows

I was speechless when I answered the phone and Theresa from Gilkey Windows told me that Mike Gilkey wanted to donate new windows for my house. Vandals had thrown chunks of asphalt through our two front windows in the middle of the night on December 2. Mike Gilkey, owner of Gilkey Windows, is passionately pro-life and as soon as he hard about the vandalism, wanted to show his solidarity with us personally and with the pro-life movement that the vandals were actually attacking.

Mike doesn’t want to just replace the two windows that were broken, but all the windows in the living room and dining room, as well as a bedroom. This is an unbelievably generous gift. If we ever had any doubts about taking risks for the sake of life, Mike Gilkey’s generosity sure wipes those away.

No doubt our vandals hoped that their middle-of-the-night attack would scare us into backing off of our commitment to the pro-life cause. That will never happen. We have dedicated that past thirty-eight years to the fight to protect the unborn. Whatever number of years God gives us in the future, we will continue along this same path.

Christmas day our entire family gathered at our home in Chicago—thirty-three of us. The place was teeming with life: seven children, four sons- and daughters-in-law and twenty grandchildren sang carols, played games, opened presents, shared a meal and reveled in God’s gracious kindness to all of us. We are incredibly blessed in both our nuclear family and the larger pro-life family we have been so fortunate to be a part of.

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is watching the George C. Scott “Christmas Carol.” We join Tiny Tim in proclaiming, “God bless us all—every one.”

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