Follow the League’s Summer Face the Truth Tour Online

The Pro-Life Action League’s 11th annual Face the Truth Tour kicks off tomorrow, Friday, July 9, and we’ve got an exciting new way for you to be a part of the action, even if you can’t be there on the street.

This year, you can follow all the action as it happens on Facebook, Twitter, and the Pro-Life Hotline.

The League staff and I will be posting regular updates along with photos and video whenever possible so you can see how Face the Truth efforts change hearts and minds on abortion.

Face the Truth initiatives are one of the Pro-Life Action League’s most important efforts. League staff and volunteers hold large graphic signs with pictures of aborted babies along major intersections to show the public the true face of abortion. League director Joe Scheidler has said time and time again that these pictures are our best weapon in fighting abortion, and the results show it to be true.

Not only do countless people stop and take in the pictures in disbelief, never before having seen the truth behind the lie of “choice,” but regularly women who are considering or have even scheduled abortions decide that they can’t go through with it after seeing what will happen to their babies.

Lives are saved, hearts and minds are changed, and this year you can follow it live. Don’t miss a minute of the action. Subscribe to the Twitter feed and “Like” the Pro-Life Action League on Facebook today to make sure you get all the details of what is sure to be one of our best tours yet.

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