Update on Florida Activism

floridaupdateConcerned Citizens of Naples (Florida) has announced details of their first picket of abortionist Philip Waterman’s Fort Myers house. Waterman is a “circuit” abortionist who travels from Fort Myers to Naples on a regular schedule.

League Executive Director Eric Scheidler was in Naples helping local activists when abortions started there a few months ago. Now he’s helping the folks on the ground there craft their media message as they continue to fight against the killing of innocent babies in their community.

Where and When

The event will take place on Sunday, March 21st between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Waterman lives at 904 Robalo Drive in Fort Myers [map]. For further information, please contact Ed Melone at 239-438-1033.

Exercise Your Constitutional Right

All are encouraged to take advantage of our First Amendment guaranteed right to peaceably assemble.  Please join us as we  join together to pray that Waterman stop performing abortions, not just in Naples but everywhere, and instead use his God given talents to save babies’ lives.

CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion

Abortionists have no reason to take pride in their work. And one of the things they like least of all is coming under the attention of pro-lifers. They especially dislike having the conflict brought to their homes.

It follows that if this is what bothers them most, then this is what we must do. In time these pickets may make them think seriously about getting out of the abortion business.” —Joe Scheidler, CLOSED, Chapter 37

Dan Gura is a volunteer with the Pro-Life Action League. He leads a monthly picket of Lutheran General Hospital which, despite the cross on the roof, performs abortions. He and his wife Sandy have four children, including League staffer, Corrina, and two adopted daughters.

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