What To Say When People Object to Graphic Abortion Signs

Face the Truth Tour in Evanston, Illinois

During the League’s Face the Truth Tour yesterday in Evanston, Illinois, I took a few moments to offer a suggestion on how to respond when people object to this particular pro-life campaign. My assistant Matt shot this footage and edited the video.

When someone comes up and complains about having to see graphic abortion signs, my advice is to simply say, “I understand.” It’s a disarming reply, because people are expecting confrontation. Yes, the signs themselves are confrontational—they confront people with the horrible reality of abortion. But we needn’t be confrontational in how we talk to people about the signs.

People are right to be angry about seeing abortion signs, though their anger is often misdirected at us. When we show sympathy for that response, we can help to redirect those feelings and lead our fellow citizens to be angry not with us pro-lifers, but with the abortion regime.

Watch the video, too, for the reason that the sign I’m holding here has such personal significance for me.

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