Drenched But Determined: Praying To End Abortion

Rain Pumps Up Pro-Lifers

It began to pour as I drove to Planned Parenthood on Saturday morning.

Foolishly, I wondered whether I would be out there alone this week.

Passionate Group Ignores The Rain

Imagine my shock at seeing twenty college students standing in front of the clinic, in addition to many of the Saturday regulars!

I arrived just as David was coming back from his car with a tarp, which enabled some of those who didn’t have umbrellas to avoid the pouring rain.

But they would have stayed even if it meant continuing to get drenched. This was a devoted group!

In fact, sensing their enthusiasm, several passersby grumbled as they walked past. One woman shook off her umbrella at us—which just me laugh, since I was already quite wet, and she probably got wet herself doing that.

Like Eric remarked when we got soaked in Cedar Rapids last month, days like this are “great day[s] to protest, because it shows what kind of commitment the pro-life movement has.”

College Students Encourage Peers To Witness For Life

I chatted with the group between Rosaries. I found out they are college students from states including Wisconsin, Kansas, and Illinois as well as several seminarians. Most of them are volunteering with Totus Tuus, a Catholic group traveling around the country teaching children to love Jesus and to commit to being totally His.

You can hear the passion in their voices as they share their stories in the video I took after the rain cleared. I hope their words encourage more young people to get out and show their commitment to the pro-life movement!

Now It’s Your Turn: Tell Us About Your Experiences

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday to Division and LaSalle to pray in the rain—and to everyone across the nation who went out to pray and sidewalk counsel this weekend!

If you’re in Chicago, there is now a Facebook group for those who pray at the Division and LaSalle Planned Parenthood. This can be a great tool for connecting with others who are there regularly.

I hope you’ll share your knowledge and experiences here with us. Are there other groups for Prayer Warriors or Sidewalk Counselors that you’d like to recommend? Do you have a story about pro-life activities in inclement weather? Leave a comment below!

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