Drenched for Life

It was pouring rain last Saturday when my Pro-Life Action League co-worker Corrina Gura went to pray outside the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in downtown Chicago, so she wondered if any other pro-lifers would show up. Not only were many of the regular sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters there, but so too were a group of 20 college students, many of whom are involved with a group called Totus Tuus. While watching the video, I was very happy to see that Annie and I know two of the students Corrina spoke with: John Bishop (the first interview) was formerly part of a very active pro-life club at Dowling High School in West Des Moines, Iowa), and Sean Grismer (the last interview) was involved with Youth for Truth, which was formed in response to Planned Parenthood’s sneaking into Aurora, Illinois in 2007: Let John, Sean, and the rest of these students be an example for the rest of us. If you’ve never gone to pray outside an abortion clinic before, why not start now? Check here to see if there’s a group of sidewalk counselors/prayer supporters active in your area. Or, if you’re already going to pray outside an abortion clinic on a regular basis, consider stepping up your commitment — maybe go an extra day, or spend more time in prayer each time you’re there. I’ve listened to a couple of talks recently that have emphasized the absolutely critical importance of prayer for those who are engaged in pro-life/pro-chastity work — because if we don’t have an active prayer life, we run the serious risk of believing that our own words and actions are the most important tools in the battle we’re engaged in, and that everything is dependent on us. They aren’t, and it’s not. If we’re not asking God to help us, guide us, and strengthen us in this fight, we’re doomed. That’s why I’ve decided that I need to spend more time each week praying outside the abortion clinic near our office. Will you join me in stepping up your commitment too?

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