December 28, 2000

St. Joseph ChapelToday in League HistoryDecember 28, 2000—Fulfilling League Director Joe Scheidler’s dream of having a chapel in the League’s Chicago headquarters, the St. Joseph Chapel is dedicated. Stalwart activist Noel Naughton volunteered his time and carpentry skills to build an altar and a platform for choir stalls acquired from New Mellory Abbey in Dubuque, Iowa. Other supporters contributed candlesticks and a tabernacle. A story on the dedication in the League newspaper would prompt a call from the vice-chancellor of the Archdiocese of Chicago, saying the League should have sought permission for a chapel. The Archdiocese representative sent to inspect the chapel would not only approve it, but suggest the Blessed Sacrament could be reserved if the tabernacle were bolted down and a sanctuary lamp were added.

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