November 21, 1980

Ghost of Christmas Present with the children Ignorance and WantToday in League HistoryNovember 21, 1980—The League buys out the entire Goodman Theater in Chicago for the opening day production of A Christmas Carol as a fundraiser. Before the performance, League Director Joe Scheidler goes on stage to offer a few remarks, recalling the scene in which the Ghost of Christmas Present lifts his robes to reveal two horrid, emaciated children, Ignorance and Want, and tells Scrooge, “These are your children.” Joe points out that the Ghost’s words apply to us, too: the unborn victims of abortion are our children, and we are responsible for them, too. On his way back to his seat, several crew members criticize Joe for linking the play with abortion, but he advises them to watch that scene closely and see if he isn’t right.

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