Counting Your Blessings

Graph from gallup poll

Gallup Poll showing more Americans pro-life than ever before [Click to enlarge]

We all have a lot to be down about what with all the corrupt politicians, bad laws, bad economy, bad television and on and on. But it does little good to keep complaining, especially when we as Christians know how it all ends, in ultimate victory for good, and eternity with God.

Some of Our Blessings

So here are some things to be happy about right now:

On Thursday we had two definite saves at the Albany abortion mill on Elston Avenue, one through Cathy Mieding’s counseling and another started by Cathy and completed by Fr. Steve Lesniewski. Then three babies were saved at Planned Parenthood in Aurora. Of course, the Holy Spirit had a Hand in all these saves, too.

Abortion Clinic Workers Quitting

We have word out of Orlando, FL, that a nurse working at the EPOC abortion mill simply walked out of the mill and, after talking with the prayer group and saying some prayers with them, quit her job on the spot.

Then there’s the doctor at Planned Parenthood in Columbia, MO who just resigned his abortion practice. And we are also getting sensational reports on numerous babies being saved as a result of David Bereit’s 40 Days for Life campaign.

National Health Care Spotlights Abortion

The whole national health care bill has helped to broadcast to everyone how problematic abortion really is in this country, and is embarrassing the abortionists who thought their pro-abortion rhetoric had already won over most politicians and even most Americans. Not so, as even the major polls now show that the majority of Americans identify themselves as “pro-life.”

The ad campaign in Georgia declaring that abortion is black genocide has impacted the country and generated a widespread interest in this fact among African Americans.

Stop Complaining and Keep Working

There is even more positive news than this coming out of the abortion wars, but you get the drift. And I’m certain that you can come up with more victories to add to this partial list.

But it would be helpful to stop complaining and count the victories we have already had in doing God’s work out on the streets, in our offices, through our churches and by influencing the hearts and minds of thousands.

It has been a long battle and it may go on for many more years before we get our message out that all life, including the unborn from conception, is of inestimable value. It may take another generation or two to convince legislatures and the man on the street that society must accept the truths that make a good and decent society, but let’s keep or spirits up and thank God that we are on His side.

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