Abortion Clinics Closed for Shady Dealings in Louisiana, Maryland

Hope Clinic sign in Shreveport, LA

The constant refrain of the pro-choice crowd is that if abortion were illegal again in America, women would be driven to back-alley abortions they would be forced to seek from unprofessional, unhygienic butchers who would be putting their very lives in danger.

Aside from the logical problems with this argument, since most women would not choose to pursue such procedures and abortion rates would plummet, the fact of the matter is that women are driven to just such butchers right now while abortion is legal!

Two cases that came up in the news over the weekend serve to make the case. The first was the case of Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Gross Negligence in Louisiana

The state recently passed a law allowing the health department to immediately shut down medical facilities that are found to be violating health standards. Before the new law, clinics could continue to operate while appealing the health department’s decision.

The reason the clinic was shut down? According to the AP article on the story:

. . . the clinic failed to ensure that a physician performed and documented a physical exam on each woman before a procedure. The clinic also failed to follow several procedures involving anesthesia, including not properly monitoring vital signs, the agency said.

As pro-life blogger Christina Dunigan points out over at Real Choice, those kind of mistakes can be fatal. This place was putting women’s lives in jeopardy. The health department reported that on the day they observed the clinic, none of 14 women who had abortions received physicals beforehand. This is beyond a simple mistake, this is gross negligence.

Maryland Abortionists Botch Abortion, Abandon Patient and Lie About It

The second story is a bizarre case of three abortionists in Maryland whose behavior boggles the mind. Let’s just say you don’t see too many podiatrists or endocrinologists involved in disgusting behavior like this.

Steven Brigham operates a string of 15 abortion clinics in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania that have been plagued with problems. Brigham has also had his medical license revoked, relinquished or temporarily suspended by five states over the last 18 years.

The case that has him in trouble now involves a botched abortion where Nicola Riley, another abortionist who flew in from Utah twice a month to help Brigham perform abortions, punctured the uterus of an 18-year-old woman during the procedure.

Rather than calling an ambulance, which a competent doctor would, Brigham and Riley opted to drive the girl in the back of a rental car to a nearby hospital. There, they obfuscated about their identities and left the girl after she was checked in so they could go back and finish the rest of the abortions. The girl’s injuries were so severe she had to be airlifted to Johns Hopkins to be treated.

When authorities raided Brigham’s clinic to get the girl’s medical records, which they could not find, they found dead late-term babies in a freezer, some of which were as old as 36 weeks gestation.

Maryland has ordered Brigham to cease his abortion business in their state, and New Jersey will be pursuing the matter as well. See the Philadelphia Inquirer article on the story for a more detailed treatment of this gruesome story.

The fact of the matter is that abortion is a horribly immoral act and does horrible things to the people who make their living at it. The problem of immoral and unprofessional behavior in the pursuit of money is systemic in the abortion industry, and it will not stop until doctors stop throwing away human life for $400 a pop.

And lest one think these cases are isolated incidents, there are horror stories as bad and worse than these in the Pro-Life Action League’s Meet the Abortion Providers series, which features interviews with people who were involved in the abortion industry and got out.

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