Help Highlight the ABC Link

avon1The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer will be coming to Chicago on June 5 and 6. While I believe the cause is a good one, they are going about it all wrong and they’re hurting their efforts to eliminate the disease.

The Problem

Avon hopes to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer, but ignores a major cause of breast cancer: abortion.

Not only do they not warn people of the risk, but Avon has joined with UNIFEM to promote “women’s issues.” This phrase, like “women’s health” or “reproductive rights,” has become a code word for the promotion of a universal right to abortion. (I was reminded of this when I heard how UNIFEM planned to help Haiti after the earthquake.)


If you’d like to educate walkers on the Abortion Breast Cancer link, there will be a group of pro-lifers leafleting cars and giving information to the walkers on Saturday, June 5.

If you have some time free that day, please call 847-421-4000 and tell them you want to volunteer; or email response@abortionbreastcancer.com and put “Avon Walk” in the subject line.

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