A Fascinating Read: God’s Avenger

avengerLong-time activist and friend of the League, Dan Gura, has published his first novel: God’s Avenger: Michael The Imprecatory Angel.

The story is a very timely one: God uses an angel to answer the prayers of the faithful, who petition Him for an end to abortion. Dan is very clear, though, that their prayers are answered by God and not by some action of their own.

The Imprecatory Psalms

Scripture plays an important role in the book and the reader is treated to two men of the cloth who could not be more different in their respect for the Word.

Some Christians may question Dan’s weaving of the Old Testament imprecatory psalms into the storyline, however the forward quotes Pastor James E. Adams’ essay, “May we pray the imprecatory psalms?” and reminds us what such prayer is all about:

When the enemies of God attack us, we deliberately lay down the sword of personal revenge. If we attempt to avenge ourselves we are still seeking our own way, taking things into our own hands.

To pray the imprecations of the Psalms is to surrender all rights for vengeance to God. It means being prepared to suffer and to endure without personal revenge or hatred as Christ did. It involves being gentle and loving even when I am reviled and persecuted. It encompasses acknowledging in all my ways that God’s cause is more important than I am.

These are powerful words but—as any pro-life activist knows—this is the heart of what we do daily.

Nightmares of the Abortionist

Having read the manuscript, I was drawn into the plot and came to know the characters—both the bad and the good. In particular, the nightmares of the abortionist reminded me of those experienced by Dr. McArthur Hill, a former abortionist who shared his testimony at a Meet The Abortion Providers Conference.

To Buy A Copy

If you’d like to buy a copy, you can buy one at Barnes And Noble or Amazon. Or send him a check for $19.95 to Dan Gura, PO Box 848, Lake Zurich, IL 60047—and he’ll autograph it for you.

There are many good pro-life books out there, and I want to encourage all pro-lifers to continue to promote the pro-life message using their talents: writing, singing, praying, and anything else God has given you!

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