All-Stars Among Us

On July 13th, the nation will watch as Major League Baseball’s elite players gather for the 81st All-Star Game at Angel Stadium, Anaheim. Hours before the game is scheduled to begin, the streets will be lined with fans waiting for the All-Stars to drive by in the red carpet parade to the stadium. But, amidst the multi-million dollar salaries, interviews, sponsors, and celebrities, Major League Baseball will honor 30 “All Stars Among Us” – ordinary people who have made a difference through volunteering, founding organizations, or through other charitable work. So as much as I love the All-Star Game, although I have a whole party planned out for it, I will put things in perspective. In the scope of things, the real All-Stars in life are not players who step onto the field. They are people who will be honored at the game, but they are more than just those thirty people. They’re the people who do things to make a difference, but aren’t necessarily honored. The real All-Stars among us are people who pray outside of abortion clinics every week. They’re the people who run and volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers. They’re the people who work for the Pro-Life Action League. They’re the people who will take part in the Face the Truth Tour. These people save lives, but oftentimes they’re not even thanked. That being said, I will still have my party for the MLB All-Star Game. I will follow every pitch. I will cheer for my favorite players, and cry if the National League loses. But I know who the real All-Stars are, and I will continue to work with them and support the pro-life movement. Because these are the people who truly are worth honoring.

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