The Truth Out of the Mouths of Abortion Advocates

Pro-abortion demonstrator in Chicago, 2003

For the first 15 or 20 years of my involvement in the pro-life movement, the argument from abortion advocates was generally that the unborn baby was not a baby at all, but some lesser form of life they liked to call a “fetus.” Never mind that fetus is simply one of the many stages of human life.

But it seems in more recent times that occasionally the truth comes out of the mouths of the vocal defenders of abortion.

Case in point: last Wednesday, at the League’s Truth Day in Arlington Heights — As we stood along Rand Road at Arlington Heights Road an irate woman drove into the parking lot in front of where I was standing. She got out of her car and started yelling about how her one-year-old daughter had just seen a graphic abortion picture at the intersection.

As it happened a large “Choice” sign was positioned just in front of the woman’s car, so if her one-year-old was likely to be traumatized by a graphic abortion picture, she was getting as much exposure as possible as her mother continued to rant about it.

I tried to explain that a one-year-old was more likely reacting to her mother’s response to the graphic than to the graphic itself, but she would have none of it. Finally she announced “Anyway, abortion is legal. And if I want to kill my unborn child, it is my right and my responsibility.” At that she jumped in her car and sped away.

She did not couch abortion in any delicate terms or pretend that it is not a child who dies in an abortion. She was very clear about what abortion means to her. Perhaps she had a personal experience with abortion and knew very well what abortion was. I’m sure I will never know.

At another demonstration a few years ago a young woman from the School of the Art Institute held a quickly penned poster that said, “Kill More Babies” (see picture above, at left).

My daughter Annie went up to talk to her because the placard was unusually jarring. She admitted that she didn’t really mean that more babies should die, but she was trying to be shocking. It worked.

But what she didn’t realize is that she was, in fact, telling the truth about what abortion advocates want: More babies killed.

When Cecile Richards “celebrated” 30 years of Planned Parenthood in Cedar Rapids, IA last week, she made no bones about the fact that Planned Parenthood is working to expand abortion “services.” In plain English that means more dead babies, so if a woman wants to “kill my baby,” Planned Parenthood wants to make that more convenient for her.

As science and technology make it more difficult to hide the truth about fetal life and the reality of abortion, its proponents don’t have much choice but to just say it like it is. As the abortionists themselves confirmed at our “Meet the Abortion Providers” conferences, “I am a murderer,” describes a person who does abortions.

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