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Dear Eric,

Thank You for inviting me to be apart of the “Abortion Is Nothing To Celebrate” Rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on May 20.
As a new coordinator for Silent No More Awareness this was my very first public speaking event. I was fearful and apprehensive before the event because I am the 5th generation from the Cedar Rapids area, and I was very frightened of the reaction from those who had no idea of my abortion.

I must say that my testimony was well received, and that by the Graces of God, I have been thrown into the pro-life movement faster than my feet can run. I was recently elected to Coalition for Life of Iowa as a board member and a few weeks ago my husband and I volunteered at the Iowans for L.I.F.E booth at the State Fair collecting signatures to present to our legislature to help overturn abortion in Iowa and one day the United States of America!

I want to give you a heartfelt THANK YOU! Without being included in the event this spring I’m not sure where my heart would be right now. I thank God for what you have the heart to do, and for those you surround yourself with that take up the burden of protecting the unborn!

Jennifer Minney
Regional Coordinator with Silent No More Awareness
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Dear Ann, Joe, Eric, and the whole PLAL gang,

To say thank you for the signs hardly seems adequate in expressing our gratitude for all you’ve done to get Northwest Families for Life up and running. Your dedication for Life is seen in everything you do.

But what is also clear now that we know you is that you’re easy-going, quick-to-smile, normal people. Of course, you’ll always be rock stars to us, but you’re rock stars we feel blessed to know!

Thank you for the signs. Lives will be saved thanks to you. God bless each of you.

Maria Goldstein & Laura Vandercar
Northwest Families for Life
Des Plaines, Illinois

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Dear Friends,

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland celebrated their 75th birthday in Omaha on Friday night, October 23rd. Their theme was “Party with Passion: 75 years and Still Talking about Sex.” As vulgar and stupid as that sounds, it gives insight into the Planned Parenthood mentality.

Instead of a beautiful, loving relationship between married couples cooperating with God in the creation of a human life, they’re saying sex is mere purposeless passion—a perverse preoccupation that necessitates a perpetual ritual of human sacrifice taking place daily inside their abortion chambers.

Rescue The Heartland was on hand to greet them, but our theme, as you can imagine, was far different. How many millions of children world-wide will never have a birthday due to Planned Parenthood’s anti-child philosophy and its insatiable lust for death?

Pro-life supporters blanketed the streets surrounding the event were able to alert the community to the presence of this cabal of child murderers. Pro-lifers were also positioned in front of all the entrances, thus exposing the evil reality of Planned Parenthood to those attending the event.

Since I was driving the Truth Truck, I was pretty much able to see everything that went on. One man held a sign reading, “Honk For Life” resulting in a continuous chorus of horns heard all the way down 72nd Street. I even saw employees of the hotel hosting the event take pictures of the Truth Truck as it passed by with its compelling display.

I consider the protest a big success. We had a good turnout, the weather was good and all went well.

Thanks for your support.

Larry Donlan
Rescue The Heartland
Omaha, Nebraska

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Dear Mr. Jansen,

Thanks again for all of your help in putting together my speech. I received an A, and I felt very confident when presenting.
I actually spoke with my professor before giving the speech, and she asked me to limit certain aspects of it. For example, I passed a folder around the classroom with some of the images that you use during the Face the Truth Tours. I told the class that the League warns people of these images when they are on the side of the road so that they can avoid them if they want to.

Therefore, I told them they had the same option, and if they didn’t want to see these images they could pass the folder to the next person.

When I spoke with my professor beforehand she asked me to use the least graphic images, even though I was going to tell my classmates they did not have to see them if they didn’t want to.

My professor continued to be very critical of my topic, and she finally told me that she is pro-choice. While the speeches had to remain informative, she was afraid that by informing them about the Pro-Life Action League I would influence my classmates to lean toward pro-life.

I told her I would be very careful to make sure my classmates were aware that they could form their own opinions about the League and abortion. However, they could not possibly form their own opinions without knowing some of the information I presented to them.

As I listened to my classmates’ speeches, I realized that many of them were far less restricted in what they could present than I was. I am very happy with how my speech went, but I thought you would be interested to hear about this conversation with my professor. I believe I was more restricted than my classmates simply because her views opposed those of the organization that I was researching.

Once again, thanks for all of your help. Good luck with continuing to spread the pro-life message.


Peoria, Illinois
[Received by E-mail]

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Dear Corrina,

Thank you very much for the information! I am looking forward to getting a head start on sidewalk counseling and to get the experience of protesting outside of an abortion clinic. I haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, so this is very exciting for me.

It’s nice to hear that I don’t need to have formal schooling and a degree to be a sidewalk counselor, which takes a lot of weight off my plate. I’m glad to hear of the training program and I can’t wait to get into one! Also I am going to try to take part in as many protests/vigils as I can to better familiarize myself.

Thank you again for all your help! Everyone has reached out to me and is helping me to become a better person in this fight to end abortion!

May God Bless You,

Elmhurst, Illinois
[Received by E-mail]

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